I get way too sensitive when I get attached to someone. I can detect the slightest change in the tone of their voice, and suddenly I’m spending all day trying to figure out what I did wrong. —Humans of New York - Amman, Jordan (via 5000letters)
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gossip girl [tumblr edition]


it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm

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100% sure im ugly as hell and yet I still expect to be in a relationship with a hot person

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it takes 237 muscles to fake an orgasm but 15 to say “it’s called a clitoris and it’s right here”

#don’t ever fake an orgasm let them know they disappointed you

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[RED] was a devastating record. It was about dealing with an intense heartbreak and ‘1989’ is about the phase after that where you brush yourself off and you’re ok. —Taylor Swift on ‘1989’ (x)

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1989 photoshoot.

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i really hate this ‘ur other half is out there somewhere u just gotta meet them’ like fuck off im not incomplete im a whole person and i dont need anyone to ‘complete me’ the only thing i need is a pizza and not ur shit bye

Taylor + text posts

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